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Who should Arsenal hire to replace Arsene Wenger?

Air out some names, why don’t you

Arsenal v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

It’s over for Arsene Wenger. That much we all know, whether we’re willing to publicly admit it or not. One does not survive the repeated “mental collapses” that his side have suffered throughout this season, following previous seasons defined by that exact failure.

Emotions are raw right now, which generally lead to good conversations about change, about new directions, about how the future should look. Which is why I want to pose the question in the headline to you, the readers.

Who should Arsenal hire to replace Arsene Wenger?

I’ll say this: the man’s lucky he’s making the flight home tonight - many a manager has been axed in the shadows of such an embarrassing performance. He should be, and probably will be, gone come the summer. Assuming this, who stands out for you at this very particular moment as a realistic, viable option to replace the Arsenal legend?

Given the nature of the discussion, please make sure to keep discussions civil and treat each other and their opinions with respect.

Now, let’s hear from you.