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Theo Walcott gets the night off

This is...interesting

Arsenal v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

As Arsenal prepare for today’s/tonight’s (delete as appropriate for your time zone) Round of 16 clash with Bayern Munich, there has been some...I can’t say shocking news, but it’s definitely unexpected:

That’s right. Theo’s out. Seems like Ox may move over to cover Theo’s spot, which would presumably open up a spot for Danny Welbeck to come into the midfield. It would seem that Theo’s lack of production and form lately has finally gotten to the point where Arsene, famously loath to do anything this dramatic this close to a game, felt he needed to act.

The nice thing about this is that Walcott is still in the squad, of course, so it does open up the possibility of a late sub appearance - I can deal with a fresh Walcott coming on in the 65th minute and doing Walcott things to make sure this tie is winnable back in London.