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Monday cannon fodder

A new week, a new set of links

Barclays Asia Trophy Arsenal & Everton Arrive In Singapore Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images

How was everyone’s non-Arsenal weekend? I avoided having to buy a new car, which is always nice. It also stopped raining for the first time in almost a week, which is also nice. What did you get up to?

Claudio Ranieri and Leicester City got up to what they’ve been up to a lot lately - losing. After this one, Ranieri admitted he may have relied on last year’s squad too much and given them too many chances to turn it around while not making changes. That apparently ends now.

Spain apparently doesn’t do PED testing in La Liga.

Here’s one for round number fans: The Bundesliga is about to see it’s 50,000th competitive goal. It’s currently at 49,999, with FC Augsburg hosting Bayer Leverkusen on Friday.

The MLS, setting trends again: hot on the heels of the US domestic league introducing video assistant refereeing this season, Serie A is hoping to roll it out in 2018.

Speaking of The MLS League, one of the parts of the deal that David Beckham signed when he joined the LA Galaxy was a right to purchase an MLS team for $25 million. Four years and no Beckham Miamis later, people are starting to ask if the league - who currently command $100 million for expansion teams - even need an owner with rapidly fading name recognition anyway.