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Wenger Replacement Watch: Massimiliano a no go

The Italian manager is apparently sticking with Juventus

Juventus FC v AC Milan - TIM Cup
“And my chances of managing Arsenal will be lost, like tears in rain.”
Photo by Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Earlier this year, we wrote that current Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri might be in line to replace our dear Arsène Wenger, should he step down at the end of the season. Well, that’s sounding less and less likely.

“I’m with Juve. I’m happy here and I want to continue as long as that is also what the club wants,” Allegri said when asked about the Arsenal rumors, according to Fox Sports.

Juventus’ general manager Giuseppe Marotta also did his part to cast doubt on the Arsenal rumors. “The coach has another year and a half on his contract,” he said in an appearance on TMW radio. “There’s a good relationship between us. He’s happy with us and we’re happy with him, it’s a marriage which can happily continue.”

Now, if Arsenal really wanted Allegri, and Allegri really wanted to come to Arsenal, I suspect they could find a way around that whole contract thing, but what do I know. Of course, Allegri might not be the club’s top choice, or Wenger might even opt to stick around a little while longer. Really we have no idea what’s going on. Isn’t that exciting!