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Tuesday cannon fodder: Food!

Turkeys Raised On California Farm Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Hi there! Sorry today’s CF is a little late, but I was Christmasing yesterday, as no doubt many of you were. I hope your holiday was good - and if you weren’t Christmasing yesterday, hopefully whatever you were doing was good too.

One of the fun parts about Christmas, of course, is Christmas food - between the six (!) potlucks I went to at work in the last couple weeks, the endless parade of snacks and stuff that people brought in seemingly every day for the last month, and Christmas day’s food itself, I feel like I need to work out like five hours a day for the next month just to get back to where I was right before Thanksgiving.

But that’s for another day. Today let’s talk about food! For Christmas dinner itself this year, my wife and I weren’t doing anything or going anywhere, and it was just the two of us, so we didn’t feel like making the whole “typical” Christmas feast, because that’s a lot of work for two people.

Instead, we borrowed from the tradition from Tucson, where she grew up, and tweaked it a bit. Typically, in Tucson, people either went out to or made Mexican food at home for Christmas eve, so this year we actually made a Mexican meal for Christmas day - pozole, to be specific. It was pretty good - it was our first time making it, so we’ll need to make it a few more times to refine it a bit, but we’re pretty happy with it all in all.

What about you? What are some of your favorite holiday-season foods? It doesn’t really matter what, it could be a main course, a side, or a treat - but if you have a favorite, I’d love to hear about it!

Also, feel free to talk about anything else - how Harry Kane’s extended PSG audition is going, etc.