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Transfer rumor: Alexis turns down move to China, only wants Manchester City

Alexis has his heart set on going to Manchester

Arsenal v Newcastle United - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

At this point, it appears the question isn’t whether Alexis Sanchez will join Manchester City or not, it’s whether it will happen in January or in June.

In this saga’s latest development, Alexis reportedly turned down a lucrative transfer to Chinese club Hebei China Fortune as he holds out for a transfer to the Premier League champions leaders. As you may remember, Alexis was extremely close to joining Manchester City on the final day of this summer’s transfer window, but the deal fell apart in the final stages. Nothing appears to have changed in the few months since: Alexis still wants to leave Arsenal and reunite with his former manager Pep Guardiola, who, for his part, certainly didn’t deny the rumors this weekend.

Though losing a star player to a Premier League rival is something that Arsene Wenger has been heavily criticized for doing before, Arsenal fans as a whole don’t seem too bothered by the prospect of Alexis going to City. He’s had an underwhelming season thus far, and the flaws in his game, like his propensity to disrupt Arsenal’s rhythm by holding onto the ball too long or turning it over, are more noticeable than ever, fairly or unfairly. The fans, and probably some at the club, are simply growing tired of Alexis. That being said, I would be surprised if he’s sold in January. While getting any amount of money back is preferable to losing him for free in the summer, Alexis is still talented enough to be a difference maker as Arsenal desperately push for a spot in the top four. Either way, there’s little doubt we’re seeing the end of Alexis’ time at Arsenal and that Manchester City remain the clear cut favorites to sign him.