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Sporcle Friday: Arsenal appearances

It’s like Cannon Fodder, but different!

Singapore River Festival 2017 Photo by Suhaimi Abdullah/Getty Images for Singapore River One

Hi there! How’s your week going? It’s Friday, so that’s a good thing. Unless you work a non-Monday to Friday schedule, of course. We thought we’d do something a little different on Fridays for a while, change up the theme away from a link dump and make it a little more interactive.

To start things off, it’s Sporcle Friday! If you’re not familiar with Sporcle, I’m sorry, because I just introduced you to a massive time suck. Sporcle is quizzes. About everything. And this is an Arsenal quiz to kick us off.

This one’s pretty straightforward: name Arsenal’s all time Premier League leaders in appearances. The quiz is below, and if for some reason you can’t see it, it’s also here. It’s pretty self explanatory - click “Play Quiz” and a clock starts ticking down. Name as many as you can before the clock reaches zero.

Once you’ve taken the quiz, let us know how you did in the comments. If you want to talk about ones you missed/forgot or whatever, please use the spoiler bar tag - higlight the text you want to hide, then click the black box next to the smiley face in the row of icons above the comment’s text box:

That’s about all there is to it! Quiz away. I got 75%, which is a pretty low bar, and missed a few obvious ones. You should be able to do better, probably!