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Nacho Monreal, Employee of the Month


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Nacho’s name will be forever enshrined

The quest for trophies at the top level of sport is never ending. On both the team and the individual level, there are many, many shiny tin pots and plates to hand out every year. Even though it’s only October, Arsenal have already collected one - well, an Arsenal player has, anyway.

October was a pretty good month for Arsenal; they only lost once and they locked down progression to the Europa League group stages. Nacho Monreal was a big part of the defending that got them to that level in October, and as a result, he won the PFA Fans’ Player of the Month award.

This is a very prestigious award. It comes with the use of the parking spot closest to the door for a month, the opportunity to wear jeans every day and not just on Friday, and first crack at the donuts that get brought in Monday mornings. And his name will go on a plaque that hangs proudly on the wall, forever memorialized as the best player October 2017 ever saw.

So, yeah, it’s a pretty big deal. Congratulations, Nacho!