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Antoine Griezmann says he’ll never join Arsenal


Atletico Madrid v AS Roma - UEFA Champions League Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Atletico Madrid’s star forward Antoine Griezmann has made it clear he will never move to the Emirates.

In his new autobiography, Griezmann talks about a failed transfer to the Emirates back in 2013 when he was playing for Real Sociedad. Arsenal were in contact with him and expressed interest in signing him.

As Griezmann writes in his new autobiography: 'I waited, I waited, and I kept waiting”.

As you know, the transfer never happened - Arsenal were focused on trying to sign Gonzalo Higuain and Luis Suarez instead. Apparently, Antoine’s feelings were hurt so badly he gave up on North London entirely.

When Arsenal once again showed interest in the player, Griezmann seemed to develop a grudge, like a high school kid who was told he had a 10PM curfew. At that point he told his agent, "Forget it, after the blow they gave us.”

It’s easy to understand why Griezmann would be upset, because after all, Wenger left him hanging by the telephone. You’d hope that an older, wiser Griezmann might realize that at the time, both Higuain and Suarez were better players, and that he’d understand why Arsenal didn’t come calling. Or, failing that, at least you’d hope that time heals all wounds and he’d give Arsenal a second chance.

While it’s unfortunate we won’t ever get to see the great French trident of Olivier Giroud, Alexander Lacazette and Antione Griezmann up top at Arsenal, we did get some magical moments with Yaya Sanogo, who was signed around the same time Griezmann moved to Madrid. Who’s to say which player would’ve had a better stint at the club?