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Fusillade: An Arsenal Podcast by The Short Fuse, Episode 2

The one where Burnley fans got nude and red

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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Hey look! We got a second episode! They haven’t fired us (yet)!

After a five-year hiatus from the game, we returned last week to resurrect The Short Fuse’s podcast. Today’s episode Aidan and fbj0 (otherwise known as Vic Akers to us) along with me to cover Sunday’s frustrating, grueling, comical match versus Burnley, why Arsene Wenger opted to start Alex Iwobi in place of a suddenly-ill Mesut Özil, Alexander Lacazette’s underrated hold up play, how the squad rotates for Huddersfield Town tomorrow, and many other things.

Wherever you listen to us, leave a review! Let us know how we’re doing! Are you singing us songs and clanking pints together with your friends? Or are you standing, holding up a piece of A3 with the words “FUSILLADE OUT” printed out on it? We won’t know how we’re doing without your feedback. So tell us!