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Thursday cannon fodder: Turkey day

Turkeys Raised On California Farm Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Today’s Thanksgiving in the US. And while there’s an Arsenal match later, and the usual amount of stuff we do around match days won’t change, that’s pretty much all we’re doing today, as those of us who are in the US are taking a day off to relax, eat too much, and dread talking to our families about current events, and we don’t want to overburden our sole Canadian with the awesome responsibility of running TSF for the day.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? The lovely mrs. pdb and I had some plans fall through, so we’re going with plan B, returning to our old neighborhood, and hanging out at our old neighborhood bar, which is the best bar on the planet, and which serves a pretty solid Thanksgiving dinner. Then on Saturday, we’re doing a “proper” Thanksgiving dinner with a friend, so we get the best of both worlds.

Whatever you’re doing, we hope you’re doing it while surrounded by friends and family, and that you have a fantastic day. Normal service will resume on Friday.