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Cazorla opens up about horrific injury lay off

Repeat surgeries were the least of his worries.

Arsenal Training Session & Press Conference Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

For a while, banter over the projected return of any Arsenal player from injury has been rampant. Three weeks means three months; a minor issue means surgery in a couple of weeks; he’ll be lucky if he ever walks again.

Well... turns out, that last one is 100% true for the sorely missed Santi Cazorla.

In a candid interview to Spanish newspaper Marca, Arsenal’s midfield maestro opened up about the trials he has gone through since limping off the field at Ludogorets, last October. The butcher bill? Eight surgeries, the loss of eight centimeters of tendon from his right ankle and a life threatening gangrene infection that led to discussions of amputation.

Please read that again.

Doctors told Santi that he’d be lucky to walk with his son, let alone ever kick a ball again. That he is on the road to recovery and all signs point to his return to the squad with the aim at playing competitively for Arsenal at any level is frankly remarkable. There’s literally no way this story could get more heart wrenching.

Oh geez...

Cazorla is currently continuing his rehabilitation in his hometown but Wenger has recently revealed that Santi is indeed set to rejoin the team during the Christmas period. Whatever the outcome, every ball he kicks whether with reserves or in whatever competition is a blessing for him and can’t think of a more important and meaningful return to profession sports upcoming.

Get well, Santi. We look forward to the crowd’s roar for you as much as you certainly are.