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Friday cannon fodder: let’s talk!

A-League Rd 14 - Central Coast v Sydney Photo by Ashley Feder/Getty Images

Hi there! Instead of links, let’s make today an open thread. If you rarely comment, say hi! If you comment a lot, keep it up! Either way, let’s talk about stuff. The NLD is being covered all over the rest of the site, so let’s talk about your weekend. Any plans? My wife the lovely mrs. pdb and I are going wine tasting this weekend, which is always a fun thing to do. And we’re members of a few wine clubs, so we won’t come home empty handed, which is always awesome, especially since our wine fridge is half empty at this point. Which doesn’t qualify as a legitimate problem, but still.

Anyway - what’s your plan for the weekend, other than the NLD? Are you heading away for Thanksgiving, or does that wait until midweek? We’ll talk more about Thanksgiving next week, but it’s legit my favorite holiday of the whole year, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyway! Tell me your story of the weekend! Any movies you’re looking forward to? Books you want to read? Albums you want to hear?

Within the site rules, this is your space to talk about anything you want, so go to town!