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Did Mesut Özil give a clue to his future with a string of emojis?

Spoiler: probably not.

Empire State Building Lighting With Cast Of The Emoji Movie, Girls Who Code And Oath For Good For World Emoji Day
Sometimes an emoji is just an emoji.
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Sony Pictures Entertainment

France and Germany played to a 2-2 draw in a friendly yesterday. Alexandre Lacazette netted a brace for Les Blues. Mesut Özil had an assist for Die Mannschaft.

But player performances are not the biggest Arsenal news to come out of the match. No, to find that we must go to where every rational information seeker goes: social media.

As many players now do, Antoine Griezmann tweeted out a picture from the match.

It’s unclear what Griezmann is trying to communicate with that string of emojis. Is he making some deep, philosophical point about football and happiness? Why the chef face? So many unanswered questions.

But things got even more puzzling.

Mesut Özil (who is in the picture and friends with the Frenchman) responded with an emoji string of his own, and the online rumor mill burst into life.

Clearly, as evidenced by the use of the winky-face emoji, Özil is sending a deeper message to Griezmann here. But what is he saying? Has Mesut Özil tipped his hand about his future?

From Özil’s response, we can know for certain that all of the following things will happen:

Özil will sign with Atlético Madrid. Antoine Griezmann will join Özil at Arsenal. The two of them will sign for Manchester United. The two friends will get dinner together (because chef emoji, remember).

Another thing made clear by the exchange between the two stars: friends interact on social media.