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Cech: Spurs need to win trophies to show progress

Win something before you gloat, please

Arsenal v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Final Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech spoke about Tottenham ahead of Saturday’s North London Derby matchup. After finishing behind Arsenal for 22 straight years many believe that the tide has turned in North London supremacy.

Cech believes however, that trophies are what truly show progress.

While the media darlings Tottenham have “put pressure on” the league winners in recent years and beaten Madrid at home in a Champions League match recently, they still have literally nothing to show for it in terms of silverware.

Despite talk about the continuous failings of Wenger and Arsenal, the Gooners have still won the FA Cup 3 out of the past 4 years.

The focus will be squarely on Tottenham this weekend, however Arsenal’s ambitions aren’t only to finish ahead of Spurs. Cech went on to say, "We are not competing against Tottenham Hotspur. Our target is to win the title and be successful during the season, not necessarily looking at what Tottenham are doing.”

He added, “Two years ago when we finished above them we were disappointed because we didn't win the title.”

In the past 4 Premier League matchups, Sp*rs have come out on top once and the two teams have drawn three times.

Win or lose Saturday, Spurs still haven’t won anything since the league cup on 2007-2008.