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World Cup qualifiers open thread

It’s sharp end of the stick time!

Italian Football Federation Trophies Exhibition Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It’s the interlull. For some of us that means a weekend free of football, for others it means time to gorge themselves with matches on a busy weekend of qualifying. Aaron ran down the scenarios in his Arsenal-player-in-the-qualifiers preview yesterday, and now all that’s left is playing the games.

Today kicks off with a whole pile of matches, chief among them Germany v. the north of Ireland and France v. Bulgaria, both of which kick off at 11.45 PT/2.45 ET, and the hits just keep rollin’ on from there. Full broadcast info is available here.

Why not hang out here and watch with us? This is your World Cup qualifier weekend open thread.

It’s the last round of qualifiers. What time is it?