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Usmanov: I’m not selling

I guess, for now, that’s that?

ATP Masters Series: Monte Carlo Rolex Masters - Day Five
The first picture returned from a search for Alisher Usmanov is one of his yacht.
Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

This is the crazy thing about buying: you have to have a willing seller. Stan Kroenke has been wanting to buy out Alisher Usmanov for a while, to the point that he bid more than a half billion pounds the other day in order to encourage Usmanov to sell. But guess what? Usmanov’s not interested.

In his statement, he reiterates his issues with Kroenke: that he has no say in the running of the club, that he offered to buy Kroenke out for £2 billion and was rebuffed, and that he is an “ardent supporter of Arsenal” who is “open to various future scenarios” should Kroenke decide to work with him instead of wanting just to buy him out.

Usmanov further says that the only way he would sell was to someone who shares his “and undoubtedly the majority of fans’ vision for the club”. This is where my eyebrows raise a bit, because all I’ve ever heard from him is vague noises about spending a lot of money on players. But guess what? Arsenal already do that. I’ve never heard anything resembling a plan, a strategy, or even a vaguely worded vision statement about what he wants for Arsenal, so I have to take all this high-minded talk about “the fans” with a grain of salt.

This statement, to me, sounds like just another in the back-and-forth between a prospective buyer and an unwilling seller. Usmanov gets frozen out of running the club, so he periodically says stuff like this as some sort of revenge. Which doesn’t accomplish anything. Will he sell his shares someday? Probably. Will he sell them to Kroenke? Who knows. All I know is, I don’t really care about any of this, and I mostly just want it to quiet down. Stupid interlull.