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UEFA: Cologne must pay for damages to Emirates

turns out you can’t just trash someone’s house.

Arsenal FC v 1. FC Koeln - UEFA Europa League
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

You may remember FC Köln’s visit to the Emirates in September. It, to be charitable, didn’t go well, at least from a crowd control perspective. At the time, UEFA said they were going to charge both Arsenal and Köln in the wake of what happened, Arsenal for having blocked a stairway and Köln for crowd disturbance and “acts of damage”.

Today comes news that Arsenal are in fact NOT being charged with anything, and Köln will be fined €60,000 and made to repay Arsenal for the damage their supporters caused the stadium and environs as they all tried to take over the Emirates on the day.

Köln’s supporters were given a two match travel ban, although that ban is suspended for two years, and presumably that ban will go away barring a repeat performance by the traveling German supporters. Overall, this seems a reasonable sanction - I’m not sure what more either club could have done prior to the match to ensure tickets got into the right hands, and there’s no way Arsenal could have known that up to 10 times the number of ticketed fans would travel and try to get into the match, so while the scenes on the day were a bit jarring, the club did a good job keeping things from getting terribly out of hand.