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Arsene Wenger will not be charged following referee confrontation

An argument remains just that.

Watford v Arsenal - Premier League
Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger escaping punishment... apparently by bus
Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

The only punishment Arsene Wenger will receive following Sunday’s disaster will be Arsenal’s defeat at the hands of Watford and the stoking of very old doubts and questions over his managerial status. But it could have been more.

Following Sunday’s nightmare, a perhaps justifiably angry Wenger pursued referee Neil Swarbrick down the entrance tunnel and into the referee’s locker room. Irked by the second half penalty awarded to Watford’s Richarlison after rather soft contact from Hector Bellerin, words were exchanged. Perhaps angry, heated words. We don’t know, although he did call it “scandalous” to the media.

Apparently, post-game discussions fine as long as whatever is said to the referees doesn’t cross certain lines. Which Wenger must not have to any major degree because no complaints were put forth by Swarbrick in his report and no supplementary punishment has been brought down on Wenger for the incident.

Additionally, Richarlison will also face no punishment for simulation in his role winning Watford’s penalty. Which is as it should be; you can’t punish someone for a dive because you don’t award penalties for dives, right FA?