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Tuesday cannon fodder: foreign open house expectations

Panama v United States - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

World Cup Qualifying: Iceland, Serbia clinch; Ireland into playoff |
Let’s round up who’s in and who’s out.

USA vs Trinidad & Tobago: Waterlogged field a factor in WCQ finale |
The odds are in the USMNT's favor to reach the World Cup after Friday's big win over Panama, but the qualifying marathon features one final hurdle at Trinidad and Tobago's Ato Boldon Stadium. And a bunch of water.

Gordon Strachan’s genetics talk is nonsense – Scotland failure rests with him | Football | The Guardian
Strachan entered the crazy world of managerial make-believe with his comments after Scotland missed out on another World Cup and should not be given the chance to deliver more excuses.

Stop criticising England...just lower your expectations - Football365
Bonus: Substitute the word “USA” for “England” and the article still mostly works!

Premier League third-most reliant on foreign players in Europe - study - ESPN FC
The Premier League's preference for overseas talent has been underlined once again by new analysis on Monday.

Championship clubs risking futures trying to spend for Premier League promotion - study - ESPN FC
This seems fine.

The highlights of Mesut Özil's house tour - Howler Magazine
Ever wonder what Mesut Özil's house looked like? Yeah, me neither, but here it is.

Dutch Soccer Player Somehow Misses Wide-Open Goal
this just...I mean....oof