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Mesut Özil: If Wenger stays, I’ll stay

Mesut Özil says he wants to stay at Arsenal, but will do so if Arsene Wenger does, rips Thierry Henry

Arsenal Training Session Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Mesut Özil has said that he would like to sign a new contract at Arsenal but that there are certain aspects that the club must sort out before he does so.

Speaking to Kicker, Özil said that he is “very, very happy at Arsenal,” and he has let the club know that he is ready to sign a new contract—provided that Arsène Wenger remains at the club: “The club knows I am here mainly because of Arsene Wenger, who has brought me the confidence I enjoy. The club also knows that I want to be clear about what the coach is doing” (via Google Translate). Wenger’s contract, of course, expires at the end of this season.

Özil also took time to address recent ridiculous comments by Thierry Henry, who is bald. Henry claimed that Özil and Alexis are holding the club hostage, which is amusing, given Henry would not let the club know if he would sign a new contract until after the 2006 Champions League final. In response, Özil claimed that Henry’s comments “don’t interest me”, and that Henry “doesn’t know what is going on.”