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Thursday cannon fodder: Bowling day

Arsenal v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

Ben’s away again, so it me, fill-in. Today’s Thursday, which in my life means, among other things, that it’s bowling night. I’ve been in a league for about six years now, and it’s a blast - it’s a handicap league, so it doesn’t matter that I’m not great at bowling (my average is about 135), because it all levels out thanks to the handicap system.

Anyway, due to the holidays and the foot of snow we got a couple weeks ago, we haven’t had bowling in over a month, and I’m excited to get back to it tonight. Hopefully I remember how to bowl.

Any other bowlers out there? Anybody have a thing they do regularly - either sports or otherwise - with a group that you enjoy?

You know what else I enjoy? Going to soccer games. I enjoy going to them, standing, chanting, and singing with my friends. Do you enjoy that? Would you enjoy going to an Arsenal match knowing that there was a section available for that to happen in? Well, take this survey and let the club - via AST - know!

The soccer I enjoy going to, standing at, and singing for is The Major League Soccer League’s Portland Timbers. Who opened their training camp today, and in said camp was one Freddy Adu. Does it mean anything? Who knows, it was the first day of camp. But Adu may be looking to get back to MLS, and if the price was right, I’d tell him “welcome to Portland” because why not.

Also in The MLS news, Target is making a big push into league sponsorship. First they announced their shirt sponsorship of new boys Minnesota United, and then after that they became an official league partner. Eurosnob all you want over MLS and its relative quality, but it’s a strong league that’s getting financially stronger by the year.

Millwall was almost evicted from their home of 132 years (yes, I know, they moved across the street in 1993, but essentially the same place) by a compulsory purchase order, or, if you’re from the US, eminent domain by a developer who shockingly would rather have built homes and shops than another stadium, but those plans were defeated and The Den lives on.

I don’t fully understand what this is, but it’s supposed to be funny?

Celtic have won 26 15 games in a row and have not lost yet this season, their only dropped points coming in the sixth week of the season.

This is quite possibly the nerdiest team in all of football. And it reminded me of this.

Greenwich Borough FC play in the eighth division. The Isthmian League’s Division One South, to give it its proper name. Anyway, they were due to play last night against Hanwell Town, but after 15 minutes, the pitch was declared unplayable due to being frozen, and the match was abandoned. That didn’t stop Borough from producing a highlight video.