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CANNON FODDER: Kevin Lasagna edition

Seriously, how did Tottenham not sign this dude?

Carpi FC v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Ben’s busy, so I’m your Cannon Fodder step-dad today. Who wants ice cream?

Okay, here’s your stuff.

Click through to see, but Udinese (somehow not Tottenham, as Twitter power user Brad Newton noted) signed a guy literally names Kevin Lasagna. Sometimes the world is not garbage.

I’m mostly noting this because I almost managed Lincoln City in Football Manager once, so I always notice when things happen to them. Next time I do this maybe I’ll find some Hospitalet news.

That went well.

I don’t actually feel like celebrating this, since often it’s kind of a judgement call, but it would have been nice to have this rule in place back when Luis Suarez was still in the league.

And last but the polar opposite of least, here’s Alex Scott welcoming Heather O’Reilly to Arsenal. We noted that the former USWNT star was joining the club yesterday, but I’m pretty excited any time an American comes to Arsenal so I’m noting it again. She had 47 goals and 55 assists in a 14-year international career. Hopefully she has plenty more for the Arsenal.