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Arsenal’s contracts: when do they end?

A handy guide to expiration dates.

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Contracts in soccer are several things. Highly lucrative, for one, but also very much fluid, living things, because the other thing that contracts in soccer are is largely a suggestion more than a requirement. Particularly if you’re an elite-level player, you sign a four year contract knowing full well you’ll probably take off for pastures greener in two or three, unless your current team makes their pasture green enough that you feel it necessary to stick around.

With that level of fluidity and opacity, and with the English media’s general lack of rigor around reporting contract details (seriously, it’s 2017 and they’re still quoting wages by week, which both isn’t an accurate representation of a contract’s worth and hasn’t been how wages have been paid since the 1970’s), sometimes it’s hard to know when a player’s contract is expiring until a season before it does.

Well, our friends over at Arseblog have solved that problem for us. They’ve built a handy reference guide - sortable, even! - that lists current first team squad members, their original signing date, their last signing date, and the expiration date of their contract.

So, bookmark/save to Pocket/email yourself/do whatever it is with links you do to retain the memory of things you want to re-visit later, because this is a very useful guide to when the contracts of Arsenal players expire.