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Olivier Giroud admits players want Wenger to continue as boss

The Frenchman, riding a wave of recent success on the pitch, is claiming his teammates would like to see Arsene Wenger sign a contract extension

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Olivier Giroud, following his contract extension last week, has come out and said that all players at Arsenal want to see Arsene Wenger continue his reign at the club past this season:

We hope that the boss will sign a new contract. Because we all want to keep going with this squad," Giroud said.

From my side, obviously [signing a new contract] is a good thing because I feel very good at Arsenal and I really want to carry on to win the league and to always improve myself.

Giroud's comments come on the heels of recent comments from Mesut Ozil that one of the biggest deciding factors on whether he signs a contract extension is Wenger signing his own contract extension at Arsenal.

Wenger's been a frequent and relatively easy target of criticism over the last decade and change from fans and pundits alike, but the one thing that always comes out from his players is their happiness with him. He's one of the most well-liked and respected managers in Europe and speaks a whole mess of languages that makes it easy for players abroad to adapt quickly at the club, among many other positive traits.

Sure, his tactics could use refinement (maybe to put it nicely) in comparison to his league rivals, but baring any sort of league finish that proves he's completely lost the plot the seasons he managed in show he has been and is still capable of guiding the club.

Considering the season and how it's played out it speaks somewhat loudly that Giroud has advocated for Wenger's stay. It wouldn't be the worst thing ever, but if the players want to see him continue (especially Ozil) who am I to vehemently disagree?