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Olivier Giroud: I want to win the league at Arsenal

Hey! we want the same thing!

Swansea City v Arsenal - Premier League
we see you back there
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

There has been much speculation about Olivier Giroud’s Arsenal future - early in the season, he couldn’t get a game, which led people to think he might want out sooner than later. One scorching goal amidst a great run of form later, nobody’s thinking Giroud might want to find the door, and despite the usual “he wants to go to where he can win titles” narratives that often get applied in these situations, we heard something today from Le Man Himself that would appear to refute this particular narrative in this particular case. When asked if he understood why players were having their heads turned by - and leaving for - obscenely large wages from, in particular, Chinese clubs, he said

Honestly, from my point of view I will tell you that I can understand, but if you asked me if I want to go now I will tell you 'no.' The Premier League is my main target so after when I will win it one day, why not, you never know."

So, there we have it - Olivier Giroud seems happy at Arsenal, and isn’t looking to go elsewhere until he wins the league. If you’re a bitter cynic, you’d say “BUT HE DIDN’T SAY HE WOULD WIN THE LEAGUE AT ARSENAL SO HE MIGHT GO TO CHELSEA OR CITY to which I say you should stop thinking like that because life is more fun when you’re not actively looking for things to be miserable about.

I think we can all say that we’re pretty happy about Giroud wanting to stay - at least I can.