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Arsenal Fan Group to hang banners of Alexis’ dogs

Atom and Humber will soon find themselves commemorated at the Emirates

2016 TCS New York City Marathon Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Arsenal fan group, REDAction, are going to hang banners of Alexis Sanchez’s dogs, Atom and Humber, from two levels at the Emirates Stadium. The group, who are dedicated to improving the atmosphere and fan experience for match going fans, are responding to a large segment of Arsenal Twitter, who, in a moment of fun and japery, called for Alexis’ dogs to be recognised, after a spate of online content from and Alexis’ various social media accounts (including the Instagram dedicated to Atom and Humber).

Banners are expensive, and the group have set up a donation page to make these banners happen. And they should happen, because they’re fun, recognise the absurdity of Alexis’ devotion to his dogs, and serve as an important reminder that football doesn’t have to be so bloody serious all the time. The people who will get riled up by this, like Manchester United fans and Manchester based journalists, will write think pieces about “Peak Arsenal”, but really, if Peak Arsenal is doing something that’s great banter, then it’s a reminder that Arsenal, more than almost every club aside from Newcastle, just get the Barclays.

And who knows, maybe it’ll be the extra convincing that he needs to sign a new contract.