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Mertesacker going out on loan?

At least one rumor says so.

Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal - Premier League
Mertesacker on the field for Arsenal is likely to be a rare sight for the rest of this year
Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

It looks like Arsenal stalwart Per Mertesacker a.ka. the BFG may be leaving the club to go out on loan for the rest of this season, if The Independent is to be believed.

The BFG, who often captained the Gunners in past years, hasn’t appeared in a competitive match for Arsenal all season due to a preseason knee injury. With the subsequent acquisition of Shkodran Mustafi, he has probably fallen out of the first choice starting lineup.

So, with only six months left on his contract, the club is apparently willing to let him go out on loan to prove his worth.

While that would be a nice move on Arsenal’s part, I find this rumor, if there’s any truth to it, strange. It wasn’t too long ago Gabriel was starting in central defense due to an injury to Mustafi. While the BFG may not be a starter anymore, he’s a nice depth option to have. Also, for sentimental reasons, it would be tough to see him leave.