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Shkodran Mustafi praises Lucas Perez

The one-time foe compliments his new teammate.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

While Shkodran Mustafi was never going to badmouth his new teammate Lucas Perez, especially in an interview with the mothership website, it is nice to hear him wax poetic about the fellow ex-La Liga standout and how his skillset can be a big boost to their new club now that they've joined and hopefully settled in.

Per's interview:

He's someone you can play well with. He doesn't just run around and wait for someone to give him a pass to score a goal. He works a lot for the team as well and he creates chances.

He's in the right place at the right time, as he showed last year in La Liga. I played there for two years and I know it's not that easy to score many goals in La Liga, because you have great defenders there as well.

Confirming what those who watched Perez last season already know, Mustafi went on to say that Perez will be a big help to the team as he has everything a striker needs to succeed. Though Perez is somewhat of an unknown to those who didn't regularly tune in to the bottom half of La Liga last season, it's important to know that this isn't some pundit's words but rather those of someone who went up against Perez and saw firsthand what kind of damage he can do.

Hopefully Mustafi's words will ring true this season with Perez becoming a resounding success for his new team.