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Can you name all 110 Arsenal goalscorers under Arsène Wenger?

Because a few of us tried, and...we can’t.

Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

As any Arsenal fan who’s not living under a rock knows, this is the 20th anniversary of Arsène Wenger’s hiring at Arsenal. That’s good!

Arsenal’s been a more offensive-minded team since Wenger took over than it was before his day, so as you might imagine a few goals have been scored.

So, here’s the question: can you name all 110 players who have scored at least one goal for Arsenal since Arsène took over? BECAUSE WE COULDN’T.

Here’s a Sporcle quiz where you can try your luck, and here’s how the Short Fuse staff members who answered the challenge did.

Thomas: 70

Ted: 70

Aidan: 89

bozz: 53

AlsoNamedPhil: 81

FBJ0: 83

I was pretty proud of how I did (until Aidan shared his score), I missed some slightly embarrassing ones that I should have gotten (like Martin Keown, Lee Dixon, and Abou Diaby) but I did get a few that I was pleased about (Henri Lansbury, in particular).

Let us know how you did in the comments!