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Wenger refuses to rule on future at Arsenal

Wenger speculates on five more years at the helm.

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Managing one club for 20 years is unheard of now. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired from his 26-year stint at Manchester United, there is only one man who has such longevity. And it appears Arsene Wenger is not quite set to be done with Arsenal yet.

Talking with media ahead of Sunday’s fixture against Burnley, the focus was understandably focused on the anniversary of Wenger’s installment as the Gunner Boss and he refused to make definite claims on his future, even suggesting a 25th anniversary down the road.

"I rule nothing out because I want to work. And I want to do well.

"But I accept as well that it can finish tomorrow. It's a love story and a love story you expect always to last forever. But it can stop any day."

Already one of Arsenal’s most successful managers, counting three Premier League titles and six FA Cups to his tenure, Wenger remains fully focused on the present stating he “does not look back” on past victories and won’t offer any details on his plans until the end of the season.

Wenger also refused to rule out a move to manage the English national side suggesting that if he was free, “why not?”

For now, though, Wenger remains utterly focused on the current campaign and bring home more wins for the fans.

...[T]he job is always to do the maximum with the team that is available. You are obsessed always by the next game. You expect always the perfect game in the next game, and that is what you work for.

"I want to win absolutely everything, and play the perfect game in every game," Wenger said. "And get people to enjoy what they see and the players to enjoy what they do."