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Happy birthday, Granit Xhaka!

He’s a year older and a year wiser today.

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Arsenal v Chelsea - Premier League
it’s your birthday
Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

On the eve of the game against his brother Taulant’s FC Basel, Granit Xhaka turns 24 today. Granit has settled in quite successfully at Arsenal, playing really well when called upon, but any 24 year old can get a little homesick from time to time, so we figured we’d get him some gifts that would both remind him of home and keep him a bit occupied as he waits to find his place in his new world.

  1. A volume of essays by the noted Swiss author Friedrich Dürrenmatt. While he’s waiting for his time to shine, this will help him keep things in perspective.
  2. A big box of Lindor truffles in all sorts of flavors. Sure, this’ll mostly remind him of the Geneva airport or his local Tesco, but still, Swiss, right?
  3. A prepaid calling card so Granit can call Taulant for free for a while.
  4. A trip home at a time of his choosing to watch his favorite Hornussen team.
  5. A pair of guinea pigs, because you can’t have just one.

I’d also offer to have a party at Chuck E Cheese for him, but the logistics of that would be extremely complex, so that’ll have to wait. Happy birthday, Granit!