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Even Chelsea players couldn't help but love Mesut Özil and Héctor Bellerín on Saturday

Instagram is serious business.

Burnley v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

Have you ever done something online in the heat of the moment and regretted it later? Anyone who looks at my Twitter account after about 1am on a weekend knows I have, but it even happens to a young footballer here and there. Sometimes it’s really bad, but other times it’s a little more harmless.

Enter Chelsea youth striker Patrick Bamford. Pat’s currently on loan at Burnley, and over the weekend was scrolling through his Instagram and (probably absent-mindedly) liked a few posts. The problem? They were Mesut Özil and Héctor Bellerín’s celebratory posts after Arsenal’s nuking-from-orbit of Chelsea on Saturday.


Chelsea fans were somewhat understandably annoyed, and poor Bamford had to issue a very serious apology to get them off his back.

With regards 2 the Instagram pics I liked, was only liking my friends pics as I’ve done many a time. No shade or disrespect intended. Sorry

Just another reminder that the things that happen #online are all very important.