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Arsenal at Nottingham Forest live stream 2016: lineups, match thread, and how to watch League Cup online

If you have a League Cup game and if you can find them... maybe you can field the B-Team.

Arsenal v VfL Wolfsburg - Emirates Cup Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Ah, the majesty of football. The prestige of the Premier League, glory of the Champions League, the steeped history of the FA Cup, the... League Cup... is... there. Well, here actually.

To say that Arsenal have not prioritized the League Cup, save for beating Tottenham, is an understatement. Once more, Wenger looks to field the youngsters, and the-should-be-starting-Xhaka-potentially, and give them a shot to experience competing for a “major” domestic trophy. This time against midtable Championship side Nottingham Forest. Some question this strategy, as most of the winners in the last decade have come from the usual suspects, but it is a philosophy that has served Arsenal fairly well. It makes the games interesting and allows fans to create attachments to youth players, many of whom will never play for the 1st team every again.

Prove us wrong, JEFF. Prove us wrong.

How To Watch: Arsenal Player is about it. You can listen to it if unable to watch too over here.

Team Sheets:


Nottingham Forest