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Ospina to retain place in Champions League

David Ospina will be Arsenal’s goalkeeper in the Champions League.

Everton v Arsenal - Premier League
Old man Dave
Photo by Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Arsène Wenger has hinted that David Ospina will stay in goal for the Champions League, saying that both goalkeepers know their roles at the club. Asked whether Ospina will start against Basel, which is on Match Day 2, Wenger answered in the affirmative, saying, “he has the right, based on what he did tonight, to stay in for the Champions League.”

We’ve of course been here before, and Wenger’s insistence that Ospina is world class is maddening—if he is world class, why did he buy Petr Cech? In any case, Ospina played well last night, and if he continues to play well, perhaps he might force Cech to improve, as the 33-year old has looked a little slower moving across his goal line this season, and continues to retain a weakness at his near post.

Or, of course, Ospina could repeat the antics of last season and chuck a corner into his own net. Anything’s possible.