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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: The One With The Second String

It me, fill-in fodderer again!

Sunderland v Everton - Premier League
I mean, c’mon.
Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Hi again! Ben’s otherwise engaged again today, so here I am, bringing you all the Cannon Foddery goodness you could want* for yet another day.

The Champions League group stages are starting again, and with it the mouthwatering prospect of tomorrow’s big Basel v Ludogorets tie. If you’re not alone in wondering why viewership is down in the group stages, read this article on how to make games matter - not that any of this will ever happen, because money, but I like the idea.

Abby Wambach was arrested for DUI last year in Portland. In her newly published memoir, she reveals that she has been addicted to alcohol and painkillers for years. Hopefully she’s getting the help she needs and getting her life on track.

This is awesome - in the Dutch league, the traveling away support of Feyenoord’s opponents Den Haag were told that they’d be sharing the away end with sick kids on a day out from hospital, seated in the tier below. So what did the Den Haag supporters do? They brought a shit-ton of stuffed animals to the game and, in the 12th minute, tossed them down to the kids.

In other hit-you-in-the-feels news, Everton are donating £200,000 to a fund for Bradley Lowery, a five year old with neuroblastoma who needs £700,000 for a treatment he can only get in the US. Everton played Sunderland yesterday, and Lowery led the teams out.

What other cool things have you seen around the soccer interwebs today?

*this is not a guarantee