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Monday Cannon Fodder: Ed Kranepool edition

Fillin’ in for a regular.

Watford v Arsenal - Premier League
Not sure where he was
Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images

Good morning, internets! Ben’s off today, and he asked me to fodder in his absence, so I will be doing my cannon foddery best to fill in, but those are some big shoes to fill. Hopefully I can fill them OK.

Mario Balotelli scored twice for Nice this weekend, and afterwards said that playing for Liverpool was the “worst mistake of his life”. And this is a guy who set his bathroom on fire trying to shoot fireworks out the window.

Landon Donovan decided that playing with Hat Trick Rick just wasn’t doing it for him, so he’s playing with Robbie Keane again. Strangely, the Hat Trick Rick commercial, which I was going to link here, appears to have been removed from the internet entirely.

Speaking of soccer players and commercials, here’s 10 of the oddest.

Will the 30 minutes of extra time before a final goes to penalties soon be a thing of the past? When Saturday Comes thinks so.

I see nothing wrong with the action described in this headline.

Also: Did you do anything fun this weekend? I did this ride on Saturday and this one on Sunday, and they were both glorious. Riding over this bridge, which was closed to traffic, is one of the most glorious things ever.