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Short Fuse/CFC Charity Challenge update

Doing well, but we need a boost!

Flowers Placed at Richard Pryor's Star
Did you know Richard Pryor had MS?
Photo by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images

We’re three days in, and y’all have stepped up something big. As of this writing, Friday morning at 7.15AM PT, we’ve raised $772 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which is awesome, and you’re all fantastic, and every single donation no matter how big or small is tremendously appreciated. The Short Fuse/CFC Charity Challenge is off to a great start.


While $772 is amazing, as of this writing, CFC has raised $824. Which means, heading into the weekend, we have a gap to close. This is where you can help! If you’ve given, thank you so much - now maybe spread the word to your other Arsenal friends who may not read the blog but want to keep all things Spurs one place below Arsenal! If you haven’t given, now’s a great chance to do just that - any amount is welcome, and did I mention that a lot of employers have a matching donation program that would double your donation? They do!


Oh, and by the way - the bike ride you’re pledging money for? It’s tomorrow. So I’ll be on the road this afternoon, and on my bike all day tomorrow, dreaming up #banter for the day that The Short Fuse gets to run CFC - so many profiles of the Championship Career Of Sol Campbell! So many lasagna recipes! So much glowing praise of Newcastle!

But I can’t write any of those stories unless we take our rightful place at the head of the grownup table. So please, if you’ve been thinking about giving, do so this weekend while I’m pedaling away, and give me a great bit of news when I check in on the challenge at the end of the ride!

Thank you all again, on behalf of the MS Society, The Short Fuse, and people living with MS. Your support is tremendous and greatly appreciated.