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Ornstein: Arsenal interested in Mustafi, not pursuing Mahrez or Draxler

The Ornacle has spoken.

Germany v Ukraine - Group C: UEFA Euro 2016 Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

BBC Sport’s David Ornstein, who has our Transfer Primer’s highest possible rating for reliability, has tweeted about some mooted Arsenal targets.

Ornstein has exceedingly well-placed sources inside Arsenal, so I take what he says as true at face value.

It does seem that Arsenal’s interest in Valencia CF centerback Shkodran Mustafi is genuine. Arsenal have yet to bid on the well-rated 24-year-old German international, but with Valencia putting him up for sale and Arsenal in need for a stand-in while Mertesacker is out for five months (and generally just getting old), it would be a smart buy.

At the same time, it seems Arsenal are still looking for a striker (if I had to guess, I’d say Alexandre Lacazette of Olympique Lyonnais) but aren’t in the market for the two wide playmakers with whom they’ve been connected. Despite Julian Draxler’s agitation for a move and Arsenal fans’ desperate desire for Riyad Mahrez, it seems Arsenal are not pursuing either of those players. It would have been a little surprising for us to be in for them considering our stated need for a position that is extremely expensive in this and, really, any market, but I’m sure some Arsenal fans will be disappointed by this move.

As always, we’ll have more for you as it develops. Watch this space.