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Liverpool say Daniel Sturridge staying put despite agent maneuverings

The player and his representation would like an Arsenal move, but.

Burton Albion v Liverpool: EFL Cup Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

According to reports from Goal’s Chris Wheatley, Daniel Sturridge and his agents would like some sort of deal with Arsenal:

The use of the verb “offer” there, in the passive voice, with “his representatives” as the agent of that verb, is a bit odd considering that Liverpool are the only ones with any actual agency in this case, but hey. Sturridge and Liverpool’s relationship is currently frosty at its warmest, so there are bound to be links between him and other clubs, especially Arsenal, who have apparently been interested in the past.

Sturridge is a player who, when healthy, would offer quite a lot to any team. The health is a big issue, however, he has managed only 92 appearances in the past five seasons (during which he’s scored 53 goals, however, including 24 in 33 games in 2013-14). A loan is extremely tantalizing in that respect, mitigating any potential injury risk by quite a bit.

We will keep you posted with additional news as it comes, but of course.