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Wilshere: Milan enter, Bournemouth favourites


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Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

According to Sky Sports, there has been movement on Jack Wilshere’s status. Not that he’s any closer to choosing a club—he can’t spare us that—but AC Milan, last seen around these parts with other transfer nonsense, have entered the chase to get a midfielder for free.

Presumably, Arsenal’s anger towards Roma’s dealings with them may have cost them the chance to get Wilshere. Or they’ve not offered enough money. It’s probably the latter. Bournemouth, the favourites, have offered to pay all of Wilshere’s wages, which presumably makes them fairly attractive to Arsenal.

Wilshere, if fit, would surely start for Milan, who are bad. Their squad is a weird collection of guys who were last relevant in 2012 (so Wilshere would fit in perfectly amirite), kids, and players who’ve finagled a move to AC Milan and have somehow stayed there (looking at you, M’Baye Niang). Vincenzo Montella manages them, and he’s somewhat competent—more so than Alan Pardew—so they have that going for them.

Just pick a club, please, Jack.