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Serge Gnabry leaves for Werder Bremen

The German returns home.

German Men's Olympic Football Team Welcome Home Reception Photo by Deniz Calagan/Bongarts/Getty Images

Serge Gnabry has signed for Werder Bremen in a deal worth €6.5m. The 21-year old, who starred in this summer’s Olympics, leaves after 5 years at Arsenal and 10 League appearances.

Until recently, Arsenal’s intention had been to keep Gnabry, with Arsène Wenger saying as much in last week's press conference. Ultimately, though, with one year left on his contract, Arsenal were unable to convince Gnabry to sign an extension, and with their hands tied, were forced to sell him.

There is no news yet about clauses; whether Arsenal have first option, a buyback clause, or a sell-on clause, or two of the three. There is talk that Bayern Munich gave Werder Bremen the funds to make the transfer, but Bremen have denied such talk, as they would; for it is dubious, legally, and not something to announce at a press conference.

These stories usually come out in German football, and undoubtedly we will hear the full story soon.