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Want to know how to pronounce Shkodran Mustafi?

Hear it from the man himself.

Germany - Training & Press Conference Photo by Maja Hitij/Bongarts/Getty Images

Every time Arsenal signs a player who’s not from England or a Spanish-speaking country, I get really nervous. Living in the United States my whole life (particularly in the Midwest), I haven’t had the opportunity to hear many languages other than English and Spanish on a regular basis, so I don’t really know how pronunciation works. Based on how most commentators pronounce “Roberto Martinez,” maybe it’s not a uniquely American problem. But when I saw we were after a player named Shkodran Mustafi, alarm bells went off. I’ll sound like an idiot! I’ll offend someone!

Well, for any of you as neurotic about things like this as I am, here is deliverance from the man himself.

Yes, you heard that sigh of relief from me. I’m pretty sure that’s just basically the way it’s spelled, so as long as I don’t Midwest it up too badly I should be good. Commit that to memory now.

And no, we’re not doing one of these for Lucas Pérez. There’s an accent on the “e,” they make it really easy for you.