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Arsenal social media knows how to play the game

A little satisfaction, a little snark.

Slovakia v England - Group B: UEFA Euro 2016
He knows.
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

As you probably already know, Arsenal made official today a couple signings - that of Lucas Perez, which was a little unexpected before last week, and that of Shkodran Mustafi, which has been rumored and talked about for months now.

Perez was announced in the normal way, on the team’s website and through various channels, but with Mustafi, Arsenal’s social media team decided to have a little fun. Way back on August 12, this tweet was, uh, tweeted:

So today, this happened:

That’s right. This is the official announcement. But they didn’t stop there, they found another doubter, who is due to take a swin:

And another one, who will be dressed...interestingly at an upcoming home game:

For all the (justified) doubters and skeptics about Arsene and Arsenal’s transfer workings, Arsenal absolutely killed it this window. This was a really fun way for the team to say I TOLD YOU SO without being asshats about it, which they must sometimes feel like doing, given the volume of certain segments of the Arsenal social media sphere. Now we’ll see if those folks hold up their ends of the bargain.