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Serge Gnabry looks to be off to Werder Bremen anyway

Destined for Germany, it appears.

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Germany v Fiji: Men's Football - Olympics: Day 5 Photo by Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

Amid reports that Bayern Munich are set to sign Serge Gnabry from Arsenal, Werder Bremen announced they are pretty confident in making a deal with Arsenal to bring him to their club next season:

Missing from this information is whether this is a loan or permanent deal (I’ll update when I find out) but, given Bayern’s motivation was to sign and loan him to the same team, one would guess Wenger is trying the same. One would expect a loan with options to buy at the end of the season, given that it is the last year of Gnabry’s contract should Arsenal not manage to extend him.

All in all, which ever team gets the deal, it appears Gnabry will be spending a year in Germany. Let’s hope it isn’t the end of his term in England.

UPDATE 10:54 EST: Releases from Werder Bremen and media indicate that it is a permanent signing they are negotiating for Gnabry. Deal appears to include sell-on clauses but more details will follow in the next 24 hours.