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Transfer Rumour: Bayern to sign Serge Gnabry?

After a great summer, Serge appears to be in the sights of the German Champions

Brazil v Germany - Final: Men's Football - Olympics: Day 15 Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

According to Sky Sports in Germany, Bayern Munich are keen on snapping up Arsenal winger Serge Gnabry before the transfer window closes so they can, in turn, loan him to Werder Bremen. Some further rumours suggest a deal has already been agreed to and is imminent.

I apologize if you were drinking coffee and just spat it all over your computer screen.

Still, one can understand the reason for the German giant’s interest. Serge Gnabry just came off a very successful summer as a part of the German Olympic Football Team, claiming a silver medal, scoring six goals and honours as German’s Player of the Tournament. He’s apparently riding a pretty big wave of popularity in his homeland.

Serge has a year left on his contract and, though starts have been very few with the first team and struggled to find form, it’s hard to imagine such a 180 from Wenger after saying this roughly two weeks ago:

I want to keep Serge Gnabry, and to extend his contract because I think we stood by him for a long time... I allowed him to go to the Olympic Games without having played for us at all, to get him back to competition and to help Germany. So I think he's here now for a long time and it's important that he stays with us.

That said, sports is a business and, with Gnabry fairly likely to go out on loan for Arsenal as they would for Bayern, if a favourable deal is there to be had, its impact on the team won’t be felt and it frees up a spot for more Arsenal business. One solid international tournament doesn’t change that.

Either way, we’ll know soon enough.

Update, 8:40 Aug 30,2016: According to Ornstein, Arsenal are keen to hold onto Gnabry. It would likely take a larger offer to change their minds. I approve of this stance.