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Wolfsburg digs heels in over Julian Draxler and his desire to move away

The strongly-worded statement appears to mean that Arsenal have quite the fight on their hands if they want to pry the in-demand forward away from the emissions cheaters.

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

2016 Arsenal Summer Transfer Window Tracker

Julian Draxler has made it abundantly clear that he wants to move away from Wolfsburg this summer, with Arsenal among a few clubs very interested in his services. A little bit ago his club released an official statement that makes it quite clear their stance on his insistence to secure a transfer away:

(translated) "The VfL Wolfsburg takes a position on the interview statements by Julian Draxler from 3 August 2016th The Supervisory Board and the Management Board of VfL Wolfsburg football GmbH feel compelled to make the following clarification and circulating rumors that take future reference is overcome, according to published today in BILD interview statements by Julian Draxler.

VfL Wolfsburg makes it clear that there has been on the part of those in charge at any time written or oral commitments to a change from Julian Draxler within the current until 31 August 2016 ongoing transfer window. This highlights a common set when the contract with Julian Draxler and his management exit clause that will attain 2017 efficacy first in the summer.

The VfL Wolfsburg is Julian Draxler not transfer in the current transfer window. In a joint discussion of VfL Wolfsburg Julian Draxler has again declared his transfer request expressed not being able to meet.

We assume that for all alleged issues have been resolved and that all parties to a professional, responsible cooperation for the benefit of VfL Wolfsburg and especially our fans can be returned."

What Wolfsburg is saying is that they don't really care how Draxler feels about them, their stance, or their past positions on what was or was not said. They are going to stand firm in the face of Draxler's insistence on leaving and any approach from clubs for his services. The other thing that's interesting to see is the acknowledgement of a release clause that takes effect in the summer of 2017.

That said, what they say now may not be the same how they feel when actual figures start to be bandied about. While official statements regarding player statuses are rare, what is notably missing in their release is any mention of them refusing any offers from potential buyers. Saying a player is not for sale does not mean they won't listen to any offers. After all, this was and is a thing:

While this statement from Wolfsburg's board will make a Julian Draxler deal more difficult than what the parties involved probably assumed from the start, it does not mean the door is completely shut. The release clause, for instance, could factor into any negotiations this summer if a club was so insistent on not waiting another 12 months.

There is, though, one way Draxler can expedite a move on his schedule...

In the end, it's going to take extra effort (read: money) on Arsenal's part if they're dead set on bringing him in this summer.