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Jack Wilshere might be going out on loan

Jack The Lad might get more playing time somewhere else.

Leicester City v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

It’s fair to say that Arsenal hasn’t seen the best of Jack Wilshere in the last few years. Between his injuries and the intense competition at his spot, Wilsh has struggled to make himself indispensable to Arsene Wenger, and that lack of playing time has led to him being dropped from consideration for England, at least in this upcoming round of World Cup qualifiers.

In an attempt to resuscitate his career and get regular first team games, Wilshere has spoken to Arsenal about going out on loan this season. This might be the best thing for him, and for Arsenal - it gets Wilshere the games he wants, and will allow Arsenal to evaluate whether there is a place for him long-term by watching him play, not by thinking about his reputation through a fog of recent injuries.

I’m not the biggest Wilshere fan, but I do hope he turns his career around a bit - that’s a win/win for Arsenal. If he improves to the point of being a regular starter for Arsenal, that’s fantastic; if he improves to the point that someone wants to spend a lot of money to buy him, that’s also fantastic.