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Arsène Wenger confirms Mustafi and Lucas signings

After a win at Watford, the Arsenal manager said two deals are sealed.

Arsenal v CD Guadalajara Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

After Arsenal defeated Watford 3-1 to get their first victory of the new Premier League season, manager Arsène Wenger spilled some more good news in his post-game press conference. Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Pérez are Arsenal players.

I’d imagine “integrating them into the squad” means you shouldn’t expect the pair to start immediately after the international break, but hey, who knows? Maybe they’re both really good at integrating. Either way, this is extremely good news, and gives Arsenal about half a week before the transfer window closes to chase after a #madness deal with basically all of the club’s immediate needs filled.

We’ll have full posts on each player once the dot com has confirmation and photos and everything, but knowing Arsène, there’s basically no way he’s publicly speak on this unless the deals were 100% completed. That’s not the kind of dude he is. Feel free to begin celebrations presently, if you like.

EDIT: According to NBC’s Rebecca Lowe just now, the medicals are done, but “the paperwork is yet to be completed.” Probably means about the same thing as what Arsène said, so we’re good.