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Watford 1-3 Arsenal: Premier League match report

Arsenal won the game in the first 45 minutes, and coasted through the second half.

Watford v Arsenal - Premier League Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

The Arsenal we all know and love showed up for the first half against Watford, and it ended up being more than enough to get all three points for the Gunners. The second half was a bit less fun, but for the most part Arsenal were able to stifle Watford’s response and secure the first win of the season.

All three Arsenal goals came in the first half. The first was a penalty – a defender elbowed Alexis Sanchez in the head on a cross into the box, and for some reason this was a point of contention for the match commentators. Not so for Kevin Friend, and Santi Cazorla put the spot kick away for his first goal in what feels like about a millennium.

The second goal was a bit nicer, as some good play led to Alexis tipping the ball just over the line from an uncommon angle. Goal line technology confirmed the goal, and honestly on replay there wasn’t much of a debate. The third was a great connection between Arsenal’s two most expensive players ever, as Alexis read a great Mesut Özil run perfectly, and Özil sank the unmarked header into the back of the net with ease.

After halftime Watford finally showed up, and they were able to get a goal after a bit of pinball in the Arsenal box. They threatened a few times after that, but Arsenal snuffed them out and finished the job.

Next up is an international break, then Southampton immediately after. Exhale, we have our first win.